A Russian Businessman’s Road From Siberia to Success

MOSCOW – It was rejected by K.G.B. He could not sell the vodka to the Russians. Fled

Then Andrei V. Trubnikov bets on a dishwashing soap factory and started making shampoo. He is one of Russia’s most successful entrepreneurs, head of global cosmetics brand.

A man who wears strapped ethnic jewellery and talismans and natives decorating his office with masks and wooden fish, M. Trubnikov serves tea to the guests, speaking in a serious tone and respectful of traditional Siberian shamanism and Avoid any concerns about business clothing.

In short, it is a distinguished, distinctive aspect that sought to expand its company, Natura Siberica. Colour brand products, such as Wild Cardo and Siberia Juniper Shampoo and Bear’s Fort, are sold in dozens of countries, from Argentina to Australia, as well as in Monoprix chain supermarkets in France and department stores Like Harrods in London.

The company is a strong point for the incredible Russian economy that has languished in recent years.

Although the country has emerged from the recession at the end of last year, growth has been anaemic, pressured by lower oil prices and measures that result from costly overseas adventures in Ukraine and Syria. Apart from the energy industry and military industry, which Russian leaders see as strategic, few companies have experienced sustained profits. “It’s very difficult,” said M. Trubnikov, 58, to succeed his business in Russia.

As a student of the University, M. Trubnikov wanted to join the K.G.B., studying Spanish and Serbo-Croatian to help his possibilities. He suddenly got sidetracked and, like other rejected candidates never explained why.

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