Rahul Gandhi defies UP government, leaves for riot-hit Saharanpur

Vice-President of Congress, Rahul Gandhi went to visit the city of Saharanpur riot in Uttar Pradesh, ANI news agency reported. Previously, he was denied permission to visit the opposition city government after Congress UP.L’armement Vice President Rahul Gandhi refused to visit Saharanpur, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) said Saturday that the former was A master in tourism operations and photo politics, so he decided to visit Saharanpur.

“If Rahul Gandhi wants to make a tourism policy and wants to make images he is known, then, certainly, the administration did not give him permission and we have seen recently, he gave permission to Mayawati, the situations’ worsened that it is not fault of The administration, but leaders like Mayawati who go there – have confidently made an aggressive and have worsened the situation, “said BJP leader and NNA Cabinet Minister Uttar Pradesh, Siddharth Nath Singh.

Singh added that the government led by Yogi Adityanath in Uttar Pradesh would decide whether or not it would do political tourism.

“The idea is to control the situation and, therefore, the administration is free under the Yogi government to decide whether or not to allow tourism policy,” he added.

In resounding similar views, another BJP leader, S. Prakash said that playing politics in Saharanpur only lead to the situation.

“In many US Congress, opposition leaders prefer to visit these areas for the state.This visit was rejected on the status of laws and ordinances. Saharanpur must be returned to play the normal policy, at that time does not add Fire to the question. It will be better that Rahul Gandhi decides to visit the place once the situation cools and balanced, “M. Prakash told ANI.

After being denied permission to visit Saharanpur struck by riots, Gandhi fired his arrow in the centre, saying that he adopted the policy of “divide and distract” as they have failed to keep their promises.

“To those who can not deliver, they divide and distract. But anger and hatred do not turn into jobs or solutions,” Rahul said in a tweet.

Rahul was denied permission to visit Saharanpur, where a caste conflict broke out in which many Dalits have been targeted.

Confirmation of this development was given by the Deputy Director General of Law and Police Law Aditya Mishra ANI.

Gandhi was supposed to visit Saharanpur to take stock of the situation.

The clashes took place on Tuesday after the Samajwadi Party (BSP) from Mayawati Bahujan to Saharanpur, where one person was killed and several others were injured.

The state government also announced to give a compensation of Rs. 15 lakh to the relatives of the person who died during the incident.

Following clashes between two communities in Saharanpur, the Yogi Adityanath government transferred Thursday, September subdivision news magistrates.

The Interior Ministry (MHA) has also called on the Uttar Pradesh government to file a report on recent and disturbing Saharanpur clashes.

Earlier, Saharanpur District Judge Nagendra Singh Parsad was fired after being unable to control clashes between the two communities in the region.

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