Mild in Mideast, Trump Is All Elbows in a Europe Eager to Jab Back

Taormina, Sicily – “Trump pushes your allies,” read the first page of Le Soir in Belgium. “Boss Boor,” the German financial daily Handelsblatt said. An editorial in Le Monde called “hard and heavy”.

President Trump wins many titles in Europe did it in the Middle East. However, as occurred in the coastal town of Taormina for a meeting of the Group of 7 countries Friday the mild state man held in Saudi Arabia and Israel is now represented as friends, stomping American ugly Latin and landing the transatlantic alliance.

Whether to give the NATO conference for its insufficient contribution to the alliance, berate Germany for its trade surplus with the United States or push the head of Montenegro out of the way during a photo shoot, Mr Trump spends damaging diplomatic.

This is a more familiar role for the president, one of his players say that dividends will be paid to the United States in the form of better trade agreements and equitable security arrangements.

“Everyone sees that he is trying to be a tough negotiator with the Europeans, who apparently consider a lot of weak,” said Daniel Gros, director of the Center for European Policy Studies, a group of experts in Brussels. “But nobody sees what is learned, they think that there will be very little action in the trade, in the end, they think it is harmless.”

Friday afternoon, White House officials reported that the first day of meetings Mr Trump with the leaders of Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Canada and Japan was lively and productive. The leaders discussed terrorism, North Korea, Iran, trade and climate change, it was said, and they had even hoped that the United States and Europe could find a foothold on the future of the Paris climate deal.

Gary D. Cohn, director of the National Economic Council, compared the atmosphere to a family dinner with his three daughters, when everyone at the table was sure of his point of view. “There was a lot of what I would call pushing and stimulating,” said M. Cohn, “I think the president has learned how important it is for the United States to show leadership.”

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