World Leaders Increase Pressure on Trump to Stay in the Paris Accord

Taormina, Sicily – World leaders have stepped up pressure on Friday by Trump’s president to keep the United States in the Paris climate deal as negotiators from seven western powers worked to bridge the gap between M. Trump and His counterparts before leaving Saturday.

Faced with repeated Allied accusations at private meetings during the two-day meeting of the Group of Seven nations, Mr Trump remained firm in his assertion that the United States would do what is best for the United States – including the possibility of Withdraw from the 2015 pact signed with 195 nations, said the aid.

The message from environmental leaders M. Trump said on Friday the option he would win if the United States had to choose between its economic welfare or staying in the climate deal in Paris.

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The departure of the world’s largest economy and the second greenhouse gas polluter in the Paris agreement profoundly undermine the historic effort to curb climate change. This could pave the way for other countries to withdraw or simply weaken their own commitment to reduce pollution on the planet.

But even when the leaders themselves have organized a concerted campaign to persuade a sceptical US president to stay, negotiators from the seven nations who gathered at the Hotel San Domenico wanted to reach agreement on a joint declaration that could pave the way for A decision by M. Trump in the coming days.

US officials admit that if the United States stayed in the Paris agreement, it would be possible to reduce the emission reduction targets that the Obama administration had signed, according to people briefed on the negotiations. US officials have argued that these targets could affect the US economy.

Assistant to M. Trump also insisted on drafting the statement would reassure coal producers in the US. Which remain in the Paris agreement would not prevent the president’s efforts to help his industry with difficulties. The United States supported the agreement to specifically accommodate the use of so-called clean coal.

Many environmentalists are concerned that such provisions will significantly compromise the effectiveness of global efforts to reduce global warming. Others believe that maintaining the United States as part of the agreement, is worth commitment.

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