Uzma makes tearful return, calls Pakistan ‘well of death’

In a rare deviation from escalating tensions with India, Pakistan assisted the return of Delhi’s daughter Uzma Ahmed, who was trapped in a forced marriage with a Pakistani man she had met in Malaysia.
Speaking to the media after returning Uzma, Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj thanked the Pakistani government for an unusual heat show amid a fierce exchange of fire at the border after the beheading of two soldiers Indians.
Swaraj said that it was significant that the Pakistani government has helped India’s efforts to bring Uzma despite the tension in bilateral relations. The lawyer who defended the case told the judge that it was the prestige of Pakistan that Uzma should be able to exercise his election.
“It is easy to go to Pakistan, but difficult to return.” Pakistan is a potent death – even those who pass after a shoot arranged marriage, “Uzma said as she broke several times during a news conference convened by Swaraj.
The return of Uzma was made possible through cooperation between the High Indian Commission, whose efforts were led by Deputy High Commissioner J P Singh and Pakistani national and foreign ministries.
Uzma Swaraj described as the daughter of India and tweeted that she was welcome in her home. Uzma said she was forced to marry at the forefront of guns.
“I am proud to be an Indian citizen Ms Sushma calls me every day to say.” We are fighting for you, you are our daughter, who is the daughter of India, “he said, recalling past time on the High Indian Commission.
The actions of the Pakistani Foreign Ministry can also be considered as carried out by the civilian government rather than by the army, as was the case with the Indian national Kulbhushan Jadhav who was tried and sentenced to death by a secret military court Being spied

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