Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner sought back channel with Putin to bypass diplomats- Sources

Father-son of US President Donald Trump and his close adviser, Jared Kushner, had at least three contacts previously reported to the Russian ambassador to the United States during and after the 2016 presidential campaign, Seven current and the former Reuters United States.
These contacts included two phone calls between April and November last year, said two of the sources. Earlier this year, Kushner became the subject of the FBI’s investigation into the existence of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin, said two other sources – a current and a former head of law enforcement.
Before the election, Kislyak’s undisclosed discussions with them Kushner and Flynn have focused on fighting terrorism and improving US economic relations. And the United Kingdom said six sources. Former President Barack Obama imposed sanctions on Russia after entering the Crimean War and began supporting separatists in eastern Ukraine in 2014.
After the Nov. 8 election, Kushner and Flynn also discussed Kislyak with the idea of creating a return channel between Trump and Russian President Vladimir Poutine that could be circumvented by diplomats and intelligence, two of the sources said. Reuters could not determine how these discussions took place or exactly when they took place. Reporters were first reported last week that a back-chain proposal was discussed between Flynn and Kislyak, while Trump was willing to take over. The Washington Post reported for the first time Friday that Kushner was involved in that conversation.
On the other hand, there were at least 18 calls and e-mails between the undisclosed Trump associates and related people in the Kremlin in the seven months before the presidential election on Nov. 8, including six appeals with Kislyak, sources told Reuters earlier of this month. Two people are familiar with these 18 contacts reported that Flynn and Kushner were among the Trump associates who spoke with the ambassador by phone. Reuters has reported that Flynn’s involvement in these discussions.
Six of the sources said there were numerous contacts between Kushner and Kislyak but declined to give details beyond the two phone calls between April and November and the post-election talks on establishing a backbone. It is not clear if Kushner has agreed with Kislyak alone or with other Trump attendants. Kushner had first attracted the attention of FBI investigators last year as he began examining the relationship with National Security Adviser Michael Flynn with Russian officials, the two sources said.
While the FBI is investigating contacts with Russia Kushner, the timing is not the purpose of the investigation, said the current head of law enforcement.
New information on calls and other details discovered by Reuters explains when and why Kushner caught the attention of the FBI and showed that his contacts with Russian envoy Sergei Kislyak were larger than the White House acknowledged.

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