SC asks Karti Chidambaram to appear before CBI on Aug. 23

SC asks Karti Chidambaram to appear before CBI on Aug. 23

The Supreme Court on Friday ordered Karti Chidambaram to appear before the investigating officer at the IWC headquarters in Delhi in New Delhi on August 23 to be questioned in investigating a corruption case in INX Digital reimbursements. Approval of the Foreign Investment Promotion Board.

A court of the Chief Judge of India J.S. Khehar and Judge D.Y. Chandrachud ordered Mr. Karti, who was present in the courtroom, to carry with him all the documents necessary for his defense in the case.

He was also allowed to be accompanied by a lawyer, who will be sitting in the room next to the room where the interrogations will be conducted.

The court said that it would consider Mr. Karti’s argument to set aside the notice of the letter against him on 1 September.

The hearing began with Mr. Karti’s attorney and senior counsel, Gopal Subramanium, detailing the facts and merits of the case against him.

– So your request is that it is so clean that it does not compare (before the investigative agent)? Judge Khehar unexpectedly asked Mr. Subramanium.

“No, there is no reluctance on my part to appear, I have appeared in the past,” replied Mr. Subramanium.

“We are not interested in meeting the merits of the case against you.This is not our job.It is the work of the investigator (IO) Give your whole story to you and go,” said Chief Judge Khehar.

“We’re not going to get into the bottom of it. You just have to write a line that can correct you … but I do not want to do it …” said Khehar Supreme Court president.

“I am ready to appear today.I throw the glove.But I want protection.I want a distance hearing lawyer,” said M. Subramanium with enormously.

Upon Mr. Karti’s request to set aside the Custody Notice (LOC) against him, the Bank asked the CBI for the need to keep the LOC alive now.

“The COL is intended to prevent an accused from escaping from detention. The purpose of the LOC is filled once it appears in front of the PC,” Judge Chandrachud told Auxiliary Justice Tushar Mehta for CBI.

Mr. Mehta provided the court with a status report of the current probe on a sealed blanket. The law agent argued that “the investigation is at a very, very, very original stage” and is fundamental to justify the charges in the FIR against Karti and others in the case. He said that the situation is reviewed every month.

Initially, the court discussed several suggestions, including keeping the LoC alive for seven days beginning Aug. 23, and then letting it expire.

“Call him every day or twice a day If you do not have any hardware, there is no need for LOC.If you have any hardware, then you can stop it,” said Judge President Khehar to Mr Mehta.

Mr. Mehta said that the LoC was a “softer option” rather than other legal methods.

To this, the President of the Supreme Court returned to M. Subramanium and said “better not to tie hands.”

“I am not grateful.I have a pending petition in the case of Madras HC.If they have the courage, they do what they want under the law,” said M. Subramanium.

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