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Yaniv, Adi; Neumann, Yoav; David, Ran; Stiubea-Cohen, Raluca; Orbach, Yoav; Lang, Stephan; Rotter, Nicole; Dvir-Ginzberg, Mona; Aframian, Doron J; Palmon, Aaron

Adult salivary gland stem cells are promising candidates for cell therapy and tissue regeneration in cases of irreversible damage to salivary glands in head and neck cancer patients undergoing irradiation therapy. At present, the major restriction in handling such cells is their relatively limited life span during in vitro cultivation, resulting in an inadequate experimental platform to explore the salivary gland-originated stem cells as candidates for future clinical application in therapy. We established a spontaneous immortal integrin α6β1-expressing cell line of adult salivary progenitor cells from rats ( rat salivary clone [RSC]) and investigated their ability to sustain cellular properties. This line was able to propagate for more than 400 doublings without loss of differentiation potential. RSC could differentiate in vitro to both acinar- and ductal-like structures and could be further manipulated upon culturing on a 3D scaffolds with different media supplements. Moreover, RSC expressed salivary-specific mRNAs and proteins as well as epithelial stem cell markers, and upon differentiation process their expression was changed. These results suggest RSC as a good model for further studies exploring cellular senescence, differentiation, and in vitro tissue engineering features as a crucial step toward reengineering irradiation-impaired salivary glands.

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Zou, Wei; Roth, Robert A; Younis, Husam S; Malle, Ernst; Ganey, Patricia E


Previous studies indicated that lipopolysaccharide (LPS) interacts with the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug sulindac (SLD) to produce liver injury in rats . In the present study, the mechanism of SLD/LPS-induced liver injury was further investigated. Accumulation of polymorphonuclear neutrophils (PMNs) in the liver was greater in SLD/LPS-cotreated rats compared to those treated with SLD or LPS alone. In addition, PMN activation occurred specifically in livers of rats cotreated with SLD/LPS. The hypothesis that PMNs and proteases released from them play critical roles in the hepatotoxicity was tested. SLD/LPS-induced liver injury was attenuated by prior depletion of PMNs or by treatment with the PMN protease inhibitor, eglin C. Previous studies suggested that tumor necrosis factor-α (TNF) and the hemostatic system play critical roles in the pathogenesis of liver injury induced by SLD/LPS. TNF and plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 (PAI-1) can contribute to hepatotoxicity by affecting PMN activation and fibrin deposition. Therefore, the role of TNF and PAI-1 in PMN activation and fibrin deposition in the SLD/LPS-induced liver injury model was tested. Neutralization of TNF or inhibition of PAI-1 attenuated PMN activation. TNF had no effect on PAI-1 production or fibrin deposition. In contrast, PAI-1 contributed to fibrin deposition in livers of rats treated with SLD/LPS. In summary, PMNs, TNF and PAI-1 contribute to the liver injury induced by SLD/LPS cotreatment. TNF and PAI-1 independently contributed to PMN activation, which is critical to the pathogenesis of liver injury. Moreover, PAI-1 contributed to liver injury by promoting fibrin deposition. Copyright © 2011 Elsevier Ireland Ltd. All rights reserved.

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Kolezeee Solutions | Doctor, what is wrong with my website? – It is not OOP.
Kolezeee Solutions je IT kompanija specijalizovana za website-ove i biznis aplikacije koje su lepe, multifunkcionalne i SEO optimizovane.
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01 Jun Doctor, what is wrong with my website? – It is not OOP.


Although it is discussed over and over, a lot of colleagues in the web industry keeps coding using procedural approach, using procedural mysqli (mysql even!) and ignores the basic security concepts. Regardless of the fact that there are too many articles on each subject individually, I could not skip all those constant questions like: “Why do I need it?”, “Is it really necessary?” and the statement: “Well, this is good,” “What do you want, it is working” and similar statements.

Object Oriented Programming (OOP) is a model that focuses on objects rather than actions. The code organisation is about entities that are crucial to the application we are writing.

From the client’s point of view, properly written code means easier optimization, faster work, easier maintenance.

The first step in object-oriented thinking is to identify all objects to be managed through the application and to determine their mutual relationships, a procedure similar to the creation of a table and a column in a database (data modeling). Once we determine the main entity of the applications (objects), we include all of their attributes that we will use through the management of objects. Also, each of the objects can perform some functions that we define through the methods of that object (i.e. user can be logged, users can be listed in the table or as options in the “select” field etc.) Objects among each other communicate through “messages”.

Non-redundant code in OOP is achieved by subclasses, where we define a common class with all common attributes and methods that other similar classes will inherit, and after each individual subclass we define specific attributes and methods.

Since this post does not strive to be any “tutorial” for OOP, I will stop here with listing features. These are the most basic details you need for writing quality web applications.

Why is this important?

This question can be viewed from many perspectives.

From the point of a programmer who is supposed to maintain someone else’s code, the concept of OOP makes it a lot easier to manage something that he did not write. From the perspective of a project manager, better code organization makes it easier to form and assign tasks to developers. From the client’s point of view, properly written code means easier opting, faster work, and easier maintenance.

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