Nitish Kumar skips Sonia Gandhi’s call but accepts PM Modi’s lunch invite

Leaders of the Janata Dal (State) have Friday dismissed unfounded speculation, as Prime Minister of Bihar and party leader, Nitish Kumar, warmed up Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Kumar must host a luncheon hosted by the prime minister in honour of the visit of Mauritian Prime Minister Anerood Jugnauth. Bihar CM, however, skipped lunch, Congressional President Sonia Gandhi today held the opposition leaders. Opposition leaders, including Kumar, were invited to discuss the upcoming presidential elections. Kumar’s rally, Rashtriya Janata Dal, chief Lalu Prasad, attended lunch, but Kumar had disappeared due to previous commitments.

“Bihar and Mauricio old emotional relationships,” Nitish Kumar said after a cabinet meeting in Patna on Friday night. He also said he had requested a separate meeting with Modi on Saturday to discuss the destruction of the Ganges River.

Senior leaders of JD (T) said there was no doubt about the fact that the party aligned itself with the BJP. “The reasons why we have severed our ties with BJP remain. Therefore, it is not an alliance,” said a senior JD (T).

Kumar was a rare supporter among the ranks of the opposition PM demonetization decision in November. PM has also recently enjoyed Kumar to enforce the ban in Bihar.

RJD’s allied leader Kumar, Lalu Prasad and his family members are currently facing allegations of involvement in the Benami land transactions. Last week, Kumar said the BJP should take legal action if it has documents to prove its allegations against Prasad. “This is not a problem that falls within the area of State Government or the law of Bihar companies,” Kumar said.

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