Kidney racket: All you need to know about the scam busted at Delhi’s Batra hospital

The illegal racket kidney donation performed by a Delhi police team was well organized. The strength of counterfeiters lies in their ability to convincingly convey donors as relatives of organ recipients, the researchers reported. An MBA student of 24 in the Pune symbiosis institute risked his safety and played with several illegal kidney donation agents for several weeks to expose a well-organized racket in Delhi, senior police officials announced.
Students at the MBA school, Jaideep Sharma, started last September, when one of their friends suddenly disappeared. Since the friend had talked about selling his kidney for a good price, Jaideep believed his disappearance had something to do with a racket. So he made a conscious effort to get in touch with the angry kidney and offer as a donor. The chevauchards fell into the trap and were offered Rs 4 lakh for donating their kidney. Sarma contacted a reporter on the news channel 24. Prepared to carry out a covert operation, the new team informed the criminal branch and sought a backup.
Sharma plays with blackmailers for several weeks, allowing the police to gather evidence. His kidney was to be given to a patient in Andhra Pradesh.

Meanwhile, scammers have that Sharma assumes the identity of a man from Andhra Pradesh, by organizing false documents and working on his appearance.

Counterfeiters have prepared for the first time their fake Aadhaar card, voter identity card, certificate of registration and birth certificate, which has been shown as the recipient of the child.
In falsified documents, Sharma was given a new name, Polepeddy Snayna podmĂ Phanikumar, and had him repeat several times so that he could spell the name with confidence.

To pose as the recipient of the son who could be legally authorized to give his kidney, assured that Sharma spent much time with the family and formed the Telugu accent.

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Sharma photographs are even superimposed on the recipient’s family portraits so that any cross check is not that it was not revealed to the family. “The angry man wanted everything to be infallible. So he even made the photographic images of the real recipient of the son to the donor it looked like,” said the researcher
This was necessary because the law only allows close family members to make a kidney donation from patients. The man who was to receive the Sharma kidney is from Andhra Pradesh.

On Thursday, just an hour before Sharma is operated, the police made the hospital.
The police had collected a total of 200 hours of video recordings.

Police claimed to have seized several documents “incriminate” local hospital. Detentions to date have been limited to intermediaries
Police said the role of doctors and staff of Batra hospital and a city-based diagnostic center is also under the scanner.

Investigators said it was a state-of-the-art racket that worked for a long time. The counterfeiters had used to charge Rs 30-40 lakh each renal container.

When he was contacted, Batra hospital denied any involvement in the racket, which says: “Batra Hospital performs all kidney transplants fairly and under strict supervision.” All related and unrelated transplants are reviewed by a committee. That the guide acts transplant

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