Amit Shah eyes 350-plus in 2019 General Elections: BJP chief in Bhopal to take stock of state unit’s preparedness

Amit Shah eyes 350-plus in 2019 General Elections: BJP chief in Bhopal to take stock of state unit’s preparedness

With the goal of over 350 seats set for the Lower House election in 2019, the immediate task of BJP Commissioner Amit Shah over the next three days is to evaluate the performance of Madhya Pradesh BJP, State is destined for the ballot box of the Assembly in 2018.

Shah, who arrived in Bhopal Friday paid a three-day visit to take stock of state realities, evaluate the performance of ministers, parliamentarians, members and supporters, gather information and discuss strategies to develop a plan on how to conduct surveys Of the Assembly and assign responsibilities.

The government of Madhya Pradesh and BJP state unit secured a great welcome to Shah, upon arrival at Raja Bhoj Airport in Bhopal his visit to Deendayal Parisar, BJP’s state seat. Banners and large cuts of Shah were installed throughout the city of lakes.

As Shah prepares his party’s plan for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, he does not want Madhya Pradesh lightly, even if he is a bastion of the BJP.

In the last Assembly elections in 2013, BJP won 165 seats – 22 seats more than the 2008 Saffron Elections party was in power in the state since 2003 after winning 10-year State Congress under Digvijay Singh as Prime Minister.
The election of the 2018 meeting will undoubtedly have an impact on the Lok Sabha surveys in 2019 in terms of BJP profitability. The BJP is likely to face unpopular waves, taking into account the problems of farmers and the Vyapam scam.

The agitation of farmers that erupted in Mandsaur and led to widespread violence statewide in June, emerged as a major concern for the BJP. It was reflected in the recent surveys of the municipality in the state.

In order to prepare a strategy and a winning work plan, the three-day session marathon of Shah begin at the Deendayal Parisar on Friday morning with a meeting with the office chairs of the BJP, the center of the members of the group Leading state BJP, MEPs, parliamentarians, district party presidents and the leaders of various cells and party bodies in Madhya Pradesh.

Shah set the goal of traveling one kilometer lakh across the country to cover all of the union’s states and territories in 110 days.

Madhya Pradesh is state 19, according to its travel program. After a series of consecutive meetings, he will attend a dinner with former Minister Narottam Mishra.

But long before the arrival of Shah Bhopal, congressional opposition has already begun to question the old lunch program at the residence of the Mishra, in order to give rise to controversy.

“The president of the BJP program to dine at the home Narottam Mishra speaks of the party’s double standards, on the one hand, advocates zero tolerance for corruption and, on the other hand, protects its corrupt leaders,” said the Madhya Congress Pradesh.

Former government minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Mishra was disqualified as a legislator by the Election Commission for the use of the new paid in his campaign and did not provide accounting of his election expenses.

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